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Our Love Affair with Coffee

CoffeeClick online coffee shop

CoffeeClick online coffee shop

A new coffee culture is emerging in Ireland and we are proud to be part of it!

In the last few years or so, Ireland has become a symbol for enterprise, entrepreneurship and creativity to the rest of the world. Just last year the International Barista Championships were held in Dublin, truly demonstrating this.
From the latest preparation techniques to sourcing and roasting green beans locally in Ireland, the new generation of Irish coffee lovers isn’t satisfied with their parent’s drip brew or the jar of instant coffee in the cupboard any more. A lot of people never would have imagined coffee and the Irish to make such a good pairing, however we at CoffeeClick knew this to always be the case; which is why here, you will only find the finest range of coffee capsules, beans and state of the art equipment to go with them.

Nevertheless, before new age explorers introduced us to coffee, it was considered the drink of the Gods by the Aztecs. Now, it is primordial to our daily routine. We have taken this drink in as our own, making room for it in the cupboard, right beside our trustworthy tea. This upward trend in coffee consumption is reflected on our very streets, the passion and drive these baristas have for coffee is only one of many examples as to why the Irish have taken such a liking to it.

There are few other key trends in the Irish coffee scene today:

  • Daily consumption of espresso-based beverage has dramatically increased in the past few years.
  • Younger consumers have become more invested in their coffee than ever before, through both away from home beverage choices, and at home brewing equipment and quality coffee products.
  • Consumer across all different age group have developed keen interest at consuming speciality coffee drinks. People are no longer happy with black coffee any more.
  • More and more consumer are willing to pay premium price for a premium quality coffee both from the coffee shop and from retailers.
  • Coffee sales remained strong even during the recession in Ireland, it has truly reflected the key value of coffee to consumers.

For some people however, life is just too hectic to experience how vibrant and enthralling the Irish coffee industry really is. That’s why at CoffeeClick, we aim to deliver this experience to your home. Coffee is, in a sense magical, coffee is the catalyst that gets you going in the morning to achieve the mundane and the extraordinary, but even more so coffee never fails to outdo itself time after time.


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