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New Packaging Carte Noire Nespresso® Compatible Pods

Carte Noire Nespresso Pods

Carte Noire Nespresso Pods

Carte Noire Nespresso Compatible Capsules – The art of capturing flavours and aromas at their best

As a brand of premium quality and a huge global player, Carte Noire’s ambition is to constantly deliver high quality coffee. A team of expert brewers and blenders are dedicated to creating coffee that aims to deliver the most enjoyable experience time and time again! Their latest innovation, CARTE NOIRE espresso capsules, have been developed with the same passion and quest for quality that is always achieved.

Carte Noire is without a doubt France’s most popular coffee. Experts have carefully and rigorously selected the finest beans from the most famous coffee regions of the world to create the exceptional standard of Carte Noire coffee we know and love.

Their coffee roasting technique has been perfected to ensure the best aromas and flavours are captured to create a range of delicious coffees. At Carte Noir, they understand that one of the most crucial factors in creating their prime class coffee is the roasting process. Just like how ice extinguishes fire, the roasting of coffee beans is instantly stopped by a shower of cold water. This sharp contrast between hot and cold helps to perfectly capture the aromas and flavours required to create Carte Noire’s unique taste.

CoffeeClick now brings you this premium coffee tasting experience, we currently stock the following four blends:

  • New Packaging Carte Noire Lungo Capsules N°6
  • New Packaging Carte Noire Espresso Capsules Decaffeinated
  • New Packaging Carte Noire Espresso Capsules N°9 Intense
  • New Packaging Carte Noire Espresso Capsules N°10 Corse

Numbers displayed on each type of capsule correspond to the strength and character of the coffee. The higher the number is, the greater the intensity of the coffee. Carte Noire Espresso capsules are ideal for a drink that’s small but packs a strong flavour (40ml); whereas Café Lungo capsules are specially blended for larger servings (110ml servings).


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