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There’s a lot more to coffee than simply choosing the best coffee maker

coffee maker

coffee maker

There’s a lot more to coffee than simply choosing the best coffee maker

While the demand for coffee in Dublin is increasing every year, simply selecting the best coffee maker and a nice blend is no longer enough for today’s aware consumer. Coffee production is one market where sustainability has really taken hold, with approximately half of all coffee being purchased coming from sources certified or verified as sustainable.

Sustainability in coffee production addresses many issues. They incorporate a range of social and environmental issues. To maintain the sustainability of coffee production these areas must be addressed in a way that doesn’t increase costs to an unreasonable level or negatively impact the quality of the coffee produced.

The positive impact of the coffee maker

The increased popularity of coffee has made it one of the most traded commodities on the planet, second only to oil. Bearing this in mind it should come as no surprise the market is expanding to offer fans of coffee an increasing range of flavours and more sophisticated coffee machines to pick as your coffee maker.

While for many of us coffee is a great way to get ourselves ready for the day ahead, in some developing economies it is of crucial importance. It creates substantial rural employment that brings stability to whole communities. In parts of Africa and Latin America there are organisations working closely with local producers to improve cultivation, processing, storage and marketing practices. This is empowering the producers of quality beans to keep improving the living standards within their community, helping to reduce poverty.

Environmental factors

While the production of coffee has been traditionally limited to certain parts of the world, experts predict the shifting climate of our planet will see opportunities for new areas to start coffee production as well. While current yields can be severely affected by the climate, future mitigation measures could help to reduce the variations considerably. New varieties of bean are being developed that are more resistant to drought. Soil fertility is being enhanced to improve the quality and yield of crops. Smallholders are learning new ways to improve their processes.

All of this means the average coffee drinker benefits from a better end product, while knowing our drink of choice is being produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The importance of the niche coffee maker

For a while coffee was in danger of being dominated by big corporations, but the very nature of our love affair with coffee has helped to generate an increasing demand for variety. While the high street coffee shop market is largely dominated by a few brands, the real connoisseurs are taking matters into their own hands, or in this case, kitchens.

Manufacturers of machines have been only to happy to provide the coffee lover with a range of machines wide enough to suit every purpose, allowing everybody to find a coffee maker perfect for them. While the economics of sustainable coffee production faces many challenges, the strength of the market means these challenges are more than worth tackling.

You and your coffee maker are part of the solution

The continued growth of sustainability within the coffee industry requires collaboration between organisations, governments and communities to ensure educational outreach programs and environmental initiatives keep being a success.

Products like Lavazza’s single origin capsules provide extra peace of mind to those who care about the environment. As well as being high quality aromatic coffee, they are also Rainforest Alliance Certified™. The fact you’re guaranteed all the beans that went into producing the coffee in your cup is from the same region means you are going to enjoy a unique taste experience. The two blends offered are Selva Alta and Cereja Passita. Selva Alta is grown in the highlands of Peru and has subtle floral notes. Cereja Passita is grown in the dry climate of the Cerrado region of the Brazilian highlands, and has hints of honey and chocolate. Both are a delicate blend of 100% Arabuca beans.

By choosing to use CoffeeClick you are supporting many Fairtrade coffee producers. As the coffee drinking community grows the money being used to continue the development of sustainable practices will also grow. So whether you need a coffee grinder or capsules, we make sure we have everything you need to continue your love affair with coffee.

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Whether it’s on your own with your morning toast, in a business meeting, or simply while relaxing with friends, coffee is a great drink for all occasions. For many it has become an integral part of their day, one that warrants more consideration than simply chucking a jar of instant coffee into a supermarket trolley as you do your weekly shop. When you shop using CoffeeClick you are joining a vibrant community of Irish coffee lovers.

We also offer a comprehensive range of gifts specially selected to cater for all budgets and tastes. They make great gifts for a new house, a birthday or Christmas present, as well as for budding baristas eager to learn more. They are a great way to share your love of coffee with friends and loved ones.

Why choose CoffeeClick?

Using CoffeeClick allows you to browse from the comfort of your own home. You can learn about the different options available then make your choice. We provide added peace of mind by only selling the best machines and blends available. We then deliver straight to your door, meaning everything you need is there when you need it. All that’s left to do is switch your coffee maker on and enjoy the aroma.

Browse our site today to discover a world of coffee making options. Whether you prefer capsules, beans or ground coffee we can help. If you have any questions fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively you can e-mail us on or call 01 911 9911.




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