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Top Tips For A Good Cup Of Coffee Using Coffee Machines


Making a good cup of coffee every time relies on following some measures that will help to keep the quality of your drink consistently as good as you want it to be. There are several things you can do to ensure this happens, and spooning it out of a jar you bought at the supermarket is not one of them. With a recent study published in the BMJ showing drinking coffee daily does more good than harm, you may as well concentrate your efforts on making the best tasting cup possible.


Use Fresh Coffee Beans In Coffee Machines

Only use fresh coffee beans. They are best when used within a few days of being roasted, so roasting your own or buying them from a roaster is a good place to start. Beware of buying beans from supermarket display bins. Oxygen and bright lights diminish the quality of the coffee, and unless the supermarket is very conscientious about how fresh their coffee beans should be, the display bins can get coated in coffee oil, which will eventually turn rancid. Any retailer bothered about the freshness of their coffee beans will sell them in sturdy, sealed bags, and these are the better ones to buy.

Keeping them fresh is important as well. Once the packaging has been opened, store the beans in an airtight container such as a sealable jar. Never refrigerate or freeze beans, room temperature is ideal, and try to use them with within a week of the packaging being opened for the best results. After this they can start to lose their flavour and will not produce such a good cup of coffee.


Grind The Beans As You Need Them

The best tasting coffees are the ones where the grinding has been done just before making the drink. Coffee starts to lose its flavour as soon as it is ground, so the sooner the ground beans are used, the better. There are many different tools to help with this on the market, but before you buy a coffee grinder make sure you know how fine the grinding will need to be. Generally, finer grinds produce a stronger cup of coffee.

Never be tempted to grind a lot of beans in advance, as even the best coffee machines will not be able to produce a good flavour if the beans are no longer fresh.


Use Good Water At The Right Temperature

Don’t use tap water if you want a delicious cup of coffee. The water pumped into our homes has all sorts of additives, and none of them blend well with coffee. Real coffee lovers tend to use bottled spring water, or have a filtration system on their taps to reduce the number of things coming through with the water. Do not have the water too hot, as this will produce a bitter taste. About half a minute before the boiling point is plenty of heat, something most coffee machines will regulate automatically. Once brewed, the best coffee flavour does not hang about for long.  It is better not to reheat the coffee or to keep it warm on a hotplate. This is not the way to get a really good cup of coffee.

When you have reached this stage, don’t skimp on the amount of coffee you use. Less coffee and hotter water might be a tempting option but will just make for a very unpleasant, bitter taste.


Keep Your Coffee Machines Clean

You should clean your coffee making equipment on a regular basis. Coffee oil will build up every few weeks. To clear this use a strong solution of vinegar once a month, or use one of the coffee equipment cleaners designed specially for the job. Running either of these through your coffee machines will wash away the oily deposits, give you a better flavour, and help to prolong the life of your equipment.

Ensure you rinse the coffee making equipment thoroughly after each clean, to avoid the flavour of cleaning products being added to your coffee.


Try Coffee Capsules

If you have not got time to put the effort into grinding you own coffee and need something simpler and quicker, coffee capsules can be a very good alternative. Coffee machines that use capsules can be extremely useful, offering the coffee lover a way of enjoying a quality drink more conveniently. There are a wide variety of coffee machines that use capsules on the market, and a huge choice of coffee capsules to tease your pallet.

Most coffee machines that use capsules are simple to use. They are usually quite compact and fit into any kitchen, and are a welcome addition to any home. They often have other accessories with them, such as a milk frother.

With capsules there are generally other options available too, such as tea, soups or hot chocolate.


Sourcing Your Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Some people will not know where to start if they have only ever used instant coffee in the past. We are here at CoffeeClick to help you. We sell coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules, any equipment and accessories you might need, and we even have a few gift ideas for someone you know that is a coffee lover. You are guaranteed any purchase from us will be of the highest quality, and we will even arrange delivery to your home, which is free for orders over 50 euros.

If this is your first venture into making your own coffee rather than taking it out of a jar, there could be lots of questions you want to ask. Our customer service experts are here to help you, and as coffee lovers themselves they will be able to give you all the advice you need to get started on the road to preparing a perfect cup of coffee. Why not give us a call today on 01 911 9911, or email us at If you want to make a really good, flavoursome cup of coffee every time, let us show you the way.



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