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The Guide: Which Filter Coffee Is Best For Your Brewing Method?

filter coffee guide

Do you ever get confused about the best type of filter coffee to use for your brewer? There are several steps to making a great cup of coffee, and selecting the right filter coffee for your brewer is an important one.

The grind size of the coffee can change the taste of the finished drink. It matters for a few reasons, the finer a bean is ground the larger the surface area, which increases the extraction rate and can slow the flow of water, which increases the contact time.

Therefore, if you use a brewing method with a higher contact time between the grind and the water, the coarser the grind should be. Using too fine a grind with a high contact time can result in a bitter tasting brew. If the grind is too coarse your brew will turn out too weak.


Which is the best filter coffee?

There is no definitive best type of filter coffee, just the grind that best suits your brewing method. Below we’ll show which of our coffees suit which brewing method the best.


Types of brewer:

Coffee Brewer Using a good quality brewer guarantees a great cup of coffee. They can brew up to 8 cups at a time, and the 1500-watt heater in our Bonavita 8-cup coffee brewer ensures the water is always at the optimal temperature. As well as being certified by the Speciality Coffee Association of America, it provides better saturation for uniform extraction, which results in the best flavour at your desired strength.

French Press When you use a French Press the water is added to the filter coffee and allowed to steep for several minutes. Sometimes referred to as a Cafetiére, it creates a stronger brew by allowing the filter coffee and water to mingle for longer, retaining essential oils and sediments that would be otherwise lost. Our Tiamo French Press comes in two sizes, perfect for brewing up to 6 cups of coffee. Their reasonable price and stylish design make them a popular choice.

Dripper When you use a drip brewer the contact time can vary depending on the size of the hole in the bottom of the brewing basket. This method is known as immersion brewing. Our Bonavita porcelain immersion dripper improves upon traditional drippers by providing smart features that enhance the brew, and provides a cost effective way to brew your own filter coffee.

Moka Pot The Moka Pot is an Italian style stove top brewer that guarantees a smooth aromatic full flavour coffee every time. Our Pezzetti Italexpress aluminium pot is coated with enamel to make it easier to keep clean. It can make up to 6 espressos.

AeroPress This is a newer type of coffee maker. It uses air pressure to create a delicious full-flavoured brew with greatly reduced acidity. It has quickly become popular among coffee lovers, with its lightweight compact size making it ideal when you’re travelling. Check out our AeroPress coffee maker for instructions and more information.

Chemex Perhaps one of the most elegant and timeless designs, the pour-over style glass coffee maker uses thicker gauge proprietary filters that remove most of the natural oils, creating a unique clean tasting and balanced brew. With both a 3 and 6-cup version of the Chemex coffee dripper available, you can get one that perfectly suits your needs.

Which blends work best with which method?

At CoffeeClick we offer a comprehensive range of the finest filter coffee for you to choose from. Whether you prefer to buy a ground coffee or you like to grind your own beans, we have something to suit every brewing method.

Here’s a list of our filter coffee options and the suitable brewing methods.


Caffé Molinari Amercian Break – Medium Corse Blend

Using Arabica beans from Central and South America, and Robusta from Indonesia and India, American Break is an ideal choice for those who love a full bodied aromatic long coffee.

Suitable for: French Press, Coffee Brewer, Dripper, Moka Pot


Caffé Molinari Cinque Stella Decaf – Fine Blend

Caffé Molinari have created this best selling decaffeinated coffee. It’s ideal for people looking to reduce the caffeine intake without compromising on the taste of their favourite brew.

Suitable for: Coffee Brewer, Dripper, Moka Pot, AeroPress


Caffé Molinari Cinque Stella – Fine Blend

This coffee has a very distinctive aroma with a balanced sweetness and acidity. Even their packaging process is designed to ensure the coffee matures in its own oils, improving the aroma and quality.

Suitable for: Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer, AeroPress


Lavazza Decaffeinated – Fine Blend

This aromatic and well-balanced coffee provides all the intensity of an espresso with none of the caffeine. Just because you opt for a decaf doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the authentic Italian coffee taste.

Suitable for: Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer, AeroPress


Lavazza Crema e Gusto – Fine Blend

This full-bodied and richly flavoured coffee provides a hint of chocolate in both the taste and aroma. It’s one of Lavazza’s newer coffees, and is produced using a special blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Suitable for: Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer, AeroPress


Lavazza Gran Filtro 226g or 1kg – Corse Blend

This prestigious roast has a delicate and refined aroma. Even the most discerning coffee aficionados amongst you will fall in love with the well-rounded and fruity taste.

Suitable for: French Press, Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer


Lavazza Qualitá Oro – Fine Blend

Adored the world over, this blend is a favourite amongst lovers of Italian coffee. This sweet and aromatic brew provides a fruity taste that’s irresistible to anyone with a passion for coffee.

Suitable for: Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer, AeroPress


Lavazza Qualitá Rossa 250g or 500g – Corse Blend

This full bodied and rich flavoured blend is the perfect choice for someone looking for a fully charged Italian coffee experience. It’s carefully ground to capture the best of an intense taste and exceptional body and aroma from the beans used.

Suitable for: French Press, Moka Pot, Dripper, Coffee Brewer


While this provides a rough outline of some of our recommended combinations of filter coffee and method, slight differences in brewers and an individuals taste can make different combinations more favourable. Whether it’s getting the grind size exactly right, or the type of brewing method you use, get in touch with us and let our passionate team help you create the perfect brew in your own kitchen. Call us on 01-911-9911, or you can e-mail us at


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