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Coffee beans Ireland: Which should I buy?

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We’ve discussed the various brewing methods and machines in recent posts, as well as all the variables, such as water temperature and brew duration, but the single biggest factor that will dictate how tasty your cup of coffee is will be the beans you use. It’s a shame to put time and effort into mastering your barista skills to only sell yourself short by using beans that are never going to taste how you want. How do you know which coffee beans available in Ireland are the best for you? Below are a few factors to help you select the best beans for you.


You can learn a lot from a description

When you’re browsing the pages of beans available you can learn a lot about each blend from the description. Understanding each individual factor will help you to feel confident in the choices you make. Although it can seem complicated at first, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you pick up the lingo.


Type of coffee beans

One of the most obvious differences is between whole beans and ground coffee. Some people opt for pre-ground coffee for ease and convenience, whereas traditional enthusiasts will say they are missing out on flavour.

If you opt for whole beans make sure you grind them as close to brewing as possible. The freshness maximizes the flavour.

It is also really important to grind your coffee beans according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Depends on the variety of the beans and type of roasting as well as tasting profile, some beans need to be ground corse, others need to be ground finer, for optimal extraction.


Type of roast

Roasts generally fall into these categories, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark roasts. This is by no means definitive and there are lots of variations within these, which is usually associated with colour.


Experiment with coffee beans

There are so many variations when it comes to coffee beans in Ireland. If you’re fairly new to coffee, it’s a good idea to just keep drinking. You can note the ones you like the best as you go. Personal preference is a huge factor when selecting the best coffee bean for you, so buying smaller amounts regularly will initially allow you to explore the various flavours and blends. This will mean you start to develop an idea of your own tastes, which will inform your future coffee buying decisions.



The time elapsed since the roast date of a bean can alter the taste. While coffee generally has a great shelf life, the fresher the better is a good general rule. However, sometimes a bean is better left a little longer. It’s a good idea to note how the taste changes as your beans age. This will mean you can discover what age of coffee beans Ireland works best for you.

How you store your coffee beans can also be important. Fresh beans should be stored in an airtight container wherever possible. The only time you should avoid this advice is if you have beans that have only recently been roasted, as they will be releasing small amounts of carbon dioxide that can warp or ruin your container if the gas builds up.

Try to keep your coffee beans Ireland in a cool, dark, and dry place. Choose somewhere away from external heat sources (such as your stove) that doesn’t receive much direct sunlight. A dry pantry or cupboard away from any moisture can be perfect.


Coffee bean origin

The region a bean comes from dictates the characteristics. The amount of sun, altitude, soil chemistry, and rainfall are all regular environmental factors that impact the underlying qualities of a bean. The tastes, aroma, body, and flavour characteristics all change to some degree, depending on the origin of the bean.

coffee beans worldwide

Coffee beans from Colombia are usually consistently mild with a caramel sweetness and occasional nuttiness, with a well-balanced acidity. Many of the producers in Colombia are small family farms. In contrast to Colombia, Brazilian coffees are more likely to be associated with a fuller body. Brazil’s wider variation of landscape does produce a greater variation in the characteristics of beans compared to some other regions.


Top tip for buying coffee beans in Ireland

Don’t buy coffee beans in large quantities. It can mean you end up with old beans that have lost some of their flavour and taste stale. It can be a good idea to buy smaller quantities of different coffees until you discover your own personal favourites. With such a large range of coffee beans available to Irish consumer now, it shouldn’t be a problem finding at least one that’s really special to you.


Ethical motivations

Some people are much happier spending their hard earned money on products that they know are ethically sourced and sustainable. Many coffees include the Fairtrade logo on their product to let you know you’re helping the farmers and communities to build a better quality of life in a sustainable and fair way. The fact you get a great cup of coffee is just an added bonus.


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