Tia Maria Latte Recipe

Tia Maria Latte On a cold, wintery night, there is nothing so warming — or quite so satisfying — as a liqueur coffee. Our Tia Maria Latte recipe is so simple to make, you can also substitute Tia Maria for Baileys or Cointreau, whichever liqueur you opt for, you’ll be left with a velvety softness that’s […]

Christmas Dessert Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Another year has went by in a flash. 2018 is almost up and that means Christmas and the holiday season is right around the corner, in a fortnight to be exact. Soon enough families across Ireland will be sitting around the Christmas tree, exchanging cards and presents, gorging on chocolate and desserts alike. We have […]

Lindor Cappuccino Recipe

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Lindor Cappuccino There is nothing like that first sip of warm coffee on a cold winter morning. You feel instantly awake, energized and excited about the day to come! While some mornings, any caffeinated drink will do the job, we believe that this rich and delicious homemade Lindor Cappuccino should be added to your Christmas […]

Baileys Irish Cream Cappuccino

Baileys Irish Cream Cappuccino Nothing compares to the unmistakable flavour of Baileys Original Irish Cream. And when that unique blend of premium Irish dairy cream, the finest sprites, aged Irish whiskey, are infused into a freshly brewed cappuccino, it’s a taste like no other. Be your own Barista with Baileys cappuccino this festive season, hope […]

Baileys Hot Chocolate Recipe

Baileys Hot Chocolate – CoffeeClick Style A delicious variation on the classic hot chocolate drink, Baileys will add a fabulously rich, creamy dimension that’s so easy to create but made to be savoured with a few friends. All that you need is Baileys, Milk, Hot Chocolate powder, and Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Easy frother. […]

12 Best Alcoholic Coffee Recipes 2018

12 Best Alcoholic Coffee Drink Recipes 2018 In one sense, adding alcohol to coffee is a little peculiar. The alcohol makes you mellow, and the coffee perks you up. Perhaps it is this blending of opposites that makes these drinks so attractive. Bottom line… coffee plus alcohol gives us two of our favourite things in […]

The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers (Part Two)

Last month we provided you with part one of “The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers” and now, as promised, we bring you part 2. With Christmas fast approaching gift ideas will be one of the things at the forefront of your mind. It’s always a scramble for coming up to the holiday season isn’t it? […]