Irish Coffee – A Modo Mio Style

Irish Coffee A Modo Mio Style Prep Time: 10 mins | Serve: 1 x 16oz serving glass Ingredients: 50ml Irish Whiskey 2 shots x 30ml espresso with a small measure of hot water to fill the glass 2tsp brown sugar 30ml single pouring cream 30ml full-fat milk (optional) cocoa powder (optional) green food dye (optional) […]

The Origins Of The Highly Sought-After Lavazza Coffee

From humble beginnings Lavazza coffee is without a doubt one of Italy’s favourites and this has expanded to the wider world too. In every supermarket you can see the familiar black on silver container with the word Lavazza making its mark. Have you ever wondered where Lavazza coffee all began though? In this month’s blog […]

Step-by-step of Brewing with a Moka pot

  There are numerous ways of brewing a cup of coffee at home, and many new methods are being invented all the time. But one that remains a stable member of a kitchen setup is the Moka pot, and more and more Irish people are hooked onto this century-old coffee brewing equipment, there is nothing […]