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Why Should You Use Coffee Capsules?

Coffee was first introduced to us as the coffee bean. Then there was instant. For more than a decade the rise of the coffee capsule machine continues to increase.

Through quick and simple means coffee drinkers have adapted to a new way of enjoying their morning coffee before heading out for the day. As well as the homeowner, businesses are also investing in coffee capsule machines for their staff.

Coffee capsules are vacuum packed and typically consist of aluminium or plastic pods containing ground coffee inside. You stick the capsules into a machine, press a button and voila, coffee served as if you bought it from a local coffee shop.

Coffee Capsules For Convenience

Perhaps the first advantage of using coffee capsules is the sheer simplicity and convenience of the process. There are no complications what so ever.

Coffee capsule machines allow everyone from the homeowner to the employee pick the type of drink they want with the same taste every time.

With Coffee Capsule Machines every part of the coffee making is done automatically. You don’t have to grind the beans, heat the water to an exact temperature and there are less steps involved than making instant. Coffee is served in mere seconds.

Coffee Capsules For Freshness

A second pro of opting for capsules is freshness. The ground coffee inside the vacuum pack can stay fresh for up to two years. Lavazza has the best technology in terms of packaging and is the only brand can offer 2 years shelf life to its coffee capsules.

Coffee is at its freshest directly after the roasting process. With capsules, the coffee is sealed immediately after being roasted.

The container in which it is stored prevents oxygen or moisture from making contact with the coffee, keeping the freshness intact until a person is ready to use it.

Coffee Capsules For Variety

There is a large variety when it comes down to choosing different coffee capsules. From different blends to suit every taste bud to mild or intense coffee, all at a touch of a button.

The coffee lover can delight in a full range of subtle and stronger flavours, with hints of chocolate to honey.

Our Range Of Lavazza Capsules

At CoffeeClick we only store the best quality and premium coffee capsules available on the market. For this reason we have chosen the Lavazza brand, famous for its consistency and reliability.

Whether it’s a light-bodied coffee, smooth and creamy, fruity, intense or a hint of chocolate you are looking for we have it!

Browse our website for a full selection of Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee capsules which are available in a range of different blends and strengths, from mild to intense. We also stock the full range of Lavazza Blue Capsules at a very competitive price, which is compatible with Lavazza Blue Commerical range of capsule machines.


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