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Arabica Coffee Beans Or Robusta?

Did you know that there are over 100 coffee species in the world? Two major players are Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. You might have come across advertising claiming the coffee is “100% Arabica”. Well this is no small feat.

Originating in the highlands of Ethiopia, Arabica coffee represents 60% of the coffee production around the globe. So the next time you see a bag of coffee beans labelled “100% Arabica” you’ll know this is high quality coffee. There’s a reason why it’s so popular.

But alas, we won’t toot Arabica’s horn solely because there is another player in town. Coffea canephora, otherwise known as Robusta coffee, represents 35-40% of coffee traded around the world. Central and western sub-Saharan Africa is where the Robusta coffee bean originates.

So What Are The Flavours You Ask?

The most important factor. What do the two types of coffee beans taste like?

Sweet and fruity. A comparison drawn from the flavour of Arabica coffee beans. The reason behind why Arabica tastes sweet lies in the sugar and lipid content. You can experience a full and high-quality flavour in every cup.

Robusta coffee tastes bitter and has higher caffeine content. With Robusta you can get a bean that has 2.7% caffeine content, as opposed to the 1.5% caffeine content found in Arabica.

Washed Arabica is a finer and more acidic coffee than unwashed Arabica, which is sweeter and more balanced, while a washed Robusta will have a rounder taste than the unwashed.

The Quality

It is widely known that Arabica is a higher quality of coffee than the alternative but it all depends on taste and choice. We are all different and one person who prefers a sweeter cup of coffee can be matched with a person who prefers a more bitter taste.

The topic of quality all stems from where the beans are grown. With Arabica beans they are grown in higher altitudes which produces a fuller taste. With Robusta, the beans are grown at lower altitudes and in harsher conditions.

As Robusta coffee beans contain a higher caffeine content they are suited for cheaper instant coffee. Whereas, with Arabica you get less caffeine content and a sweeter taste.

The Price

Due to it being easier to grow Robusta coffee beans are in turn cheaper to produce. Buying Robusta beans are up to half of the price of Arabica beans. Now if you don’t know the difference between different types of coffee and quality you may be happy enough with this fact and go for the cheaper product.

Robusta beans are easy to come by. Just pop on over to your local supermarket and the majority of coffee there in instant coffee containers will be Robusta.

The Blending

Coffee roasters such as Lavazza are the masters of Coffee blending,  created by mixing different types of coffee beans from a different region with the aim of creating a unique and unmistakable aromatic profile.

Arabica beans can give the coffee a sweet and more fragrant taste profile, while by adding Robusta can compensate Arabica the lack of body and depth of the coffee.

The taste of the blend also depends on the origin of the varieties: a prevalence of Brazilian origins will give a full and chocolatey taste, while from central-American origins deliver more aromatic and delicate blends. So, to achieve the best consistent blend, the blending is crucial.

Arabica Coffee Beans Online

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the argument of Arabica vs. Robusta, it is all down to personal preference. However, if it’s Arabica coffee beans you are after then look no further than CoffeeClick where we sell an extensive range of coffee beans online, and we also have carefully selected a mixed case of 100% Arabica Beans for those Arabica coffee fans.

If you truly want to know the difference and understand quality coffee, how it can transform your coffee tasting experience then give us a shout. It’s what we are trained in. It’s our passion. For 100% guaranteed Arabica coffee beans choose CoffeeClick.


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