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Coffee Region Flavour Profiles – Part 1

Coffee is one of the most valuable traded commodities in the world second to oil. It is grown mainly in places that meet requirements for its survival such as higher altitude and tropical climate, the places are also known as COFFEE BELT.

Have you ever noticed in most of the espresso beans we purchased recently, you often find the COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, so what does this mean to the coffee drinker?

Here is a list of the top coffee producing countries in the world by continent along with flavour profiles you can expect from the region.


Coffee Is Just Coffee Wherever It’s Grown, Right?

No, is the answer.

Altitude, temperature, rainfall, sunlight and a bunch of other stuff all affect how the coffee grows and how the coffee tastes.

Imagine the rocky hilltops of rural Kenya compared with the lush jungle of northern Thailand. The same plant will grow quite differently in those two locations.

Where coffee comes from plays a huge role in what that coffee tastes like in your cup!

I think this misconception arises from the fact that most people are used to drinking coffee from a coffee brewer that has been sitting there for 4 hours or drinking a sugary, milky dessert-style coffee from their favourite big coffee chains.

Get yourself a hand grinder, an Aeropress or a Chemex and try your coffee black as espresso and you’ll begin to notice a complexity of flavour that you would never guess.

Seriously, it’s like wine or cognac, there is a world of tastes there you could never imagine.

The easiest way to understand this is to try it yourself. Pick up a single origin from Africa and Asia and make two coffees the exact same way. There’s a distinct difference between the juicy and acidic fruitiness of African coffee and the earthy and nutty taste of Asian coffee. The taste is unmistakable.

If you don’t want the fuss of having to grind your own single origin coffee beans, but still want to taste the original flavours, then you can also try with Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Machine, and Lavazza has a range of single origin capsules also, such as Tierra Brazil Cerrado or Tierra Peru Ande Mountain.

At CoffeeClick, we are always working hard on sourcing the best beans at the most competitive prices, providing our customers with variety and affordability, because we believe a good cup of coffee does not have to come from the most expensive beans, it is all about how you prepare it and finding the right blend for your taste buds.

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