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Compatible Coffee Pods for Your Nespresso Machine

Lavazza compatible coffee pods are a great alternative to use with your Nespresso machine. However, using compatible coffee pods raises questions. Why would you want to use compatible coffee pods? Will they be as good as the original pods? Are they cheaper than the original pods? Are they compostable? Are there as many flavours available?

These are just a few of the questions people that are new to compatible coffee pods might want answers to. Below, we’ll try to answer these questions and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and continue to enjoy your favourite beverage, whether that’s a flat white, straight up espresso, or a cappuccino.

As Ireland’s premier supplier of great quality Italian coffee, we’re perfectly placed to answer all your coffee related questions.

Why would you want to use compatible coffee pods?

If you’ve invested in a Nespresso coffee machine and you want to try a little more variety, use different coffees, or simply save some money, then compatible coffee pods can offer all the variety you want without having to invest in a different machine.

Some people will use them to offer a wider variety of flavours, while others will exclusively use compatible coffee pods. Trying other compatibles in your Nespresso machine is the best way to discover what you like.

Are they as good as the original pods?

The type of coffee you prefer is often a very personal choice. However, with Lavazza compatible coffee pods you know you’re buying a quality product that will get your taste buds tingling. As Italy’s favourite coffee producer, Lavazza has over 120 years of experience producing coffee. We’ve also benefitted from the Luigi Lavazza Innovation Centre since 1979. The Centre’s dedicated to researching coffee, it’s consumption, and the effects it can have.

With all this history and experience you can rest assured every product that comes out of Lavazza is of the highest quality.

Are Lavazza’s compatible coffee pods compostable?

Lavazza was one of the first companies to introduce compostable coffee pods. They have been committed to ensuring economic and environmental responsibility is at the core of the brand. In 2004 they started the Giuseppe e Pericles Lavazza Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation that works to improve the standard of living and economical prosperity in coffee-producing countries.

The Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules all feature the Eco Caps lettering, as do the Nespresso compatible pods. The Nespresso pods are 100% compatible and 100% compostable. When aluminium coffee pods are estimated to take between 150 and 500 years to break down, the need for compostable pods was great.

They are safe to put straight into your household food waste bin and don’t need any special treatment, like some other pods do. In fact, Nespresso estimates that only a little over 20% of their coffee pods are currently recycled, which is bad news for the environment. With Lavazza you’re guaranteed premium quality coffee that is also guilt-free.

Are there as many flavours available?

Lavazza has created 5 carefully selected blends for their compatible coffee pods, and the range will expand in the near future. As well as all being Eco Caps, they also utilise Lavazza’s ‘aroma safe’ technology. This system ensures no oxygen enters the pods, which keeps the coffee fresh and guarantees the best in-cup results for the entire shelf life of the coffee.

Espresso Deciso (Intensity 10)

The full body of our Brazilian Arabica and the delicacy of its Central American Origins, strengthened by the Asian notes of cocoa, results in an intense and velvety coffee.

Lungo Intenso (Intensity 8)

An intense coffee, with persistent taste and with precious chocolate and dried fruit notes.

Bio-Organic (Intensity 6)

High-quality 100% Arabica blend from organic plantations in Central and South America, to create a delicate espresso with floral notes, and an aftertaste of toasted grains.

Espresso Armonico (Intensity 8)

Prized Arabica coffees from Central-South America fuse in a round and full-bodied coffee, from the faraway scent of toasted grains.

Lungo Avvolgente (Intensity 5)

Arabica from Central-South America and Africa, and Robusta from Asia together create a coffee that is full, aromatic, a vague scent of spices and cocoa and notes of intense sensuality.

Why you should use CoffeeClick

Coffee has become the drink of choice in Ireland. It’s rare that a single drink encapsulates so much history, culture, and uniqueness in one cup. The variety of flavours, drinks, and blends from different regions of the world provide an endless variety of possibilities. Whether you need an Americano to kickstart your day or enjoy relaxing with a loved one and a Latte in the evening, we have you covered.

We believe in sticking to what you’re good at, and the Italians are good at Coffee. Centuries of coffee roasting and drinking has turned the production into a finely balanced art form that’s an integral part of Italian culture. While the Italians are great producers of coffee, we’re the best company in Ireland to deliver the authentic taste of Italy directly to your door. Thousands of coffee lovers all over Ireland already trust us to keep them supplied with everything they need to keep enjoying the world’s most popular drink.

As well as Nespresso compatible coffee pods, we also supply a variety of machines, brewing equipment, necessities, beans and ground coffee, as well as having plenty of gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. We provide gift sets for him, her, and for specific special occasions. We have carefully designed our gift sets to suit a wide variety of budgets and tastes. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet gift for a connoisseur or the latest gadget for a budding barista, check out our coffee gift sets on our website.

Whether you use a Lavazza machine or opt for our Nespresso compatible coffee pods, you’ll never be stuck for choice. At CoffeeClick we focus heavily on the experience of our customers, whether it’s the quality of the advice you’ll receive from one of the many coffee lovers here, or the customer and after sales service you receive, we’re dedicated to bring the best choice for you.


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