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The Ultimate Home Brewing Guide

Many of us are spending far more time at home than usual. However, this doesn’t have to mean we miss out on our favourite beverage. With mail order being the only lifeline available to many of us, we let you know how to make the most of your home coffee brewing experience. Below are the basics for a couple of popular ways of coffee brewing while stuck in the house, as well as information to get you started with other methods.

These coffee brewing methods can be a great way to keep yourself alert while trying to motivate yourself to work at home. Any home is also enhanced by the beautiful smell of freshly brewed coffee.


This lightweight, portable, inexpensive and durable method of brewing coffee at home is quickly growing in popularity. Its ease of use and flexibility make it an ideal choice for those looking to experiment with coffee brewing at home. There are two main ways to brew using an AeroPress, we’ll cover both below.

What you need: You’ll need an AeroPress, serving cup, ground coffee.

Method 1 (Inverted): Turn your plunger upside down. Push the AeroPress tube over the plunger so it sits about 1cm down the plunger. Place the freshly ground coffee into the tube. You can use anything from fine to medium coarseness. Add water and allow the coffee to bloom. Add remaining water and agitate (optional but recommended). Once you’re ready, add the filter cap and rinsed filter paper to the top. You can now flip your AeroPress over onto your cup and push the plunger.

Method 2 (Traditional): Add your filter cap and rinsed filter paper to the AeroPress tube and place on top of your cup. Add your preferred freshly ground coffee. Add a little water and allow the coffee to bloom, then add the remaining water and stir. Insert the plunger to a depth of approximately 1cm, then pull the plunger up slightly to create suction, which prevents water from dripping through. When you’re ready, push the plunger to release the coffee into your cup.

As well as using a high-quality bean, you should also only grind them just before brewing as this maximises the aromas and flavour. An AeroPress will give you a full-bodied cup of coffee and is an excellent choice for beginners.

You can find 3 AeroPress recipes proven in well-known coffee shops all over the world. They are included in our article dedicated to the AeroPress. Check out below official Lavazza video on their recommended recipe of making the perfect cup of Aeropress.

Moka pot

At a time when lots of new brewing methods are available, the Moka pot is one way that has stood the test of time. The slower process adds an element of appreciation lacking from some much quicker ways of brewing coffee. A Moka pot has sometimes been associated with a bitter taste, but this is often more to do with the coffee being brewed than the method itself. Below is a step-by-step guide and some top tips to ensure you make the most of your Moka pot brewing.

How to home brew with a Moka pot

What you need: You’ll need a Moka pot, a serving cup, ground beans and a cloth.

Method: Turn on your kettle. While you’re waiting for the water to boil fill the basket on the Moka pot with ground coffee. Once the kettle has boiled, fill the bottom of the Moka pot with hot water. Insert the basket and screw the top and bottom parts together. Put the Moka pot straight onto the stove for brewing. Remove the Moka pot from the stove once you hear bubbling and crackling noises. Use the cloth to avoid burning yourself. Pour the coffee into your cup straight away.

Top tips for using a Moka pot at home

As well as using a high-quality bean, you should also only grind them just before brewing as this maximises the aromas and flavour. Grind your beans coarsely.

Using a kettle to pre-heat the water you put into your Moka pot reduces the amount of time it spends on the stove. If it’s on the stove too long it can end up tasting burnt.

You can use a wet towel to help cool down the Moka pot before pouring your coffee. This stops the brewing process from happening despite there being no water left in the bottom.

There is a myth that you shouldn’t clean a Moka pot too often, but it’s not true. The build up of residue is more likely to make the coffee taste burnt or bitty. You should clean the basket, chamber, and the rubber seal and filter in the top chamber after every use.

French press

The French press is sometimes referred to as a Cafetiére. Their stylish design and reasonable price make them a popular choice amongst Ireland’s coffee lovers, it’s also known for creating a stronger brew when making coffee at home. This is largely down to the fact it allows the coffee and water to mingle for longer, retaining essential oils and sediments that would otherwise be lost. It is probably the greenest way to brew an excellent cup of coffee at home: just add course ground coffee, hot water and press. No paper filters or plastic cups are needed.


This pour-over style glass coffee maker also benefits from one of the most elegant and timeless designs. The Chemex also utilises thicker proprietary filters that remove most of the natural oils, which provides a clean tasting balanced brew. Chemex will deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements. Available in different sizes to suit your needs, it’s a worthwhile addition to any household with a coffee lover. It is always a good idea to pair Chemex or other types of coffee dripper with a Gooseneck kettle,  the spout is specially shaped to give you optimum control over the water flow, precision pouring and will enhance your pour-over brewing technique.


This type of home brewing is referred to as immersion brewing. Different drippers can give different results. This is largely because the amount of contact time between the beans and water is dependent on the size of the hole in the bottom of the brewing basket. Some modern immersion drippers have features that enhance the brew and provide a cost-effective way to brew your own coffee at home.

Our favourite coffee dripper is V60, one of Hario’s finest inventions, the V60 ceramic dripper remains the barista’s favourite due to its ability to controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water, it can produce fantastic coffee with great heat retention. It is sturdy and lightweight, perfect for travel and on the go, also it is perfect for home barista who is looking for a professional coffee brewing experience.

If you’re one of the many people in Ireland missing their trip to a coffee shop, or simply want to try a new method of brewing, then out gift sets are an ideal way to get started. The team here at CoffeeClick are always on hand to offer any advice or guidance you need, just give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.


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