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Lavazza Coffee Beans Buying Guide

Searching for your favourite coffee isn’t always straight forward. Some of the factors we take into account are subjective, such as taste. Coffee drinkers also have different priorities. Some will purely focus on the taste while others might also be concerned about the environmental impact the production of their favourite coffee has.

While Lavazza markets itself as Italy’s favourite coffee and estimates that 80% of Italian natives drink their coffee, there is much more to Lavazza than just the marketing. In the 125-years since it was founded, Lavazza has become known as one of the world’s leading coffee providers. Its longevity is about more than a great product, it’s about the passion, ethics, and social responsibility they have shown, or in the words of Emilio Lavazza ‘It’s about doing business with your heart.’

With fully compostable capsules, a foundation undertaking projects to help coffee growing communities and the environment, and more than 40 Lavazza training centres all over the world, their commitment to the continuation and growth of the coffee industry is unmatched.

What this means for the average coffee lover

As a coffee lover, you know that Lavazza is the best choice whatever your priorities are. If you prioritise the environment, you can enjoy a guilt free cup of Lavazza. If you prioritise quality and taste, then Lavazza is one of the most popular coffees in Italy for good reason.

How to choose the right Lavazza coffee beans

However, just because you are comfortable with Lavazza doesn’t make it any easier to find the best coffee beans for you. Below we’ll explain some of the finer points you should consider when making a choice of bean, and also provide details of the Lavazza range.

While searching for your perfect coffee you may come across several terms that are unfamiliar, or have a different meaning to normal usage, such as acidity. This shouldn’t be confused with an acidic taste, such as citrus. Acidity is used in connection with the flavour and is a desirable characteristic, as without it, coffee can taste dull. However, the degree of acidity you enjoy the most will be dependent on personal preference. A smooth coffee will probably be low in acidity, while a sharp but pleasant aftertaste is more likely to signify greater acidity.

Aroma is another one. We all love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but no two aromas are exactly the same. The aroma isn’t just an indicator of what’s to come, but because all of our senses work together, it also directly impacts our perception of the taste. Common descriptors for Aroma include floral, nutty, fruity, smokey, or complex.

If after the following you’re still unsure which beans to go for, you can always order our selection of mixed case of beans such as Lavazza Coffee Beans Variety Box or Ethical Coffee Beans Variety Box or 100% Arabica Variety Box to sample a few blends.

A guide to Lavazza coffee beans


Lavazza presents the origin of coffee. Kafa is a single origin coffee from Ethiopia. The small region of Kafa uses traditional methods and has a limited amount of production, making this fantastic award-winning coffee even more desirable. The clever selection and combination of the finest origins gives birth to a sweet and elegant espresso, from velvety cream and persistent aromas, with honey and dried fruits that leave room for a chocolate finish and spicy notes of bitter cocoa.

Organic – Alteco

All origins come from plantations where organic farming is practiced, and the principles of environmental sustainability comply with UTZ standards. This blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta has dry fruity notes, with a hint of honey and cocoa.

¡Tierra! Range

Developed in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, is emerged in 2002 from a social responsibility project to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of coffee producing communities.

¡Tierra! Selection

An aromatic espresso with a sweet taste. The skillful selection and combination of Arabica from the best origins have created a unique blend of sweet and delicate aromas of the jasmine flower, dried fruits and milk chocolate. This medium roast is 100% Arabica.

¡Tierra! Brasile 100% Arabica

A full body and smooth texture espresso. Arabica lambari and cereja passita create a sweet coffee, with notes of caramel, hazelnuts, honey and milk chocolate.

¡Tierra! Brasile Blend

A velvety espresso with an intense personality. The best Brazilian Arabica meets the refined Washed Conillon Robusta. This gives notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and sugar cane.

¡Tierra! Colombia

An aromatic harmony and a mild taste highlighted by its characteristic sweetness, refined acidity and full body. Notes of tropical fruit are accompanied by scents of lime peel and jasmine, with a mild liqueur-like aftertaste.

Specials Collection

Lavazza Special collection contains superior iconic blends composed of a selection of top origins (washed Arabica and Robusta) with a unique taste, balanced body, and fine acidity and sweetness.

Gold Selection

With hints of honey and almond, Gold Selection contains a fine selection of washed Arabica hand-picked in the highlands of Central and South America, carefully blended with washed and semi washed Robusta – such as Kaapi Royale (India) and Java and natural Arabica.

Top Class

With hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon, Top Class contains a fine selection of washed Arabica hand- picked in the highlands of central and south America, carefully blended with washed and semi washed Robusta – such as Kaapi Royale (India) and Java and natural Arabica.

Top Class Filtro

A superior quality blend of the 100% finest rainforest alliance certified Arabica, a medium-roasted and well-balanced filter coffee with hints of milk chocolate and roasted hazelnut.

Gran Riserva

With hints of maple syrup and walnut, Gran Riserva contains a fine selection of washed Arabica carefully blended with washed and semi washed Robusta – such as Kaapi Royale, Java and natural Arabica.

Classics Collection

The Lavazza Classic Collection offers the quintessential Italian espresso experience, featuring a harmonious blend of expertly crafted coffees.

Super Crema

Thanks to a rich cream and an aromatic organoleptic profile, the Super Crema blend offers a full body and a precise taste experience, with notes of roasted hazelnut and brown sugar, and the harmony of Italian espresso.

Gran Espresso

This also features a rich cream but has more of a balanced aromatic profile. The Gran Espresso blend offers a full body and a satisfying taste experience, with notes of cocoa and black pepper.

Crema e Aroma

The Crema e Aroma blend offers a full body and a delicious taste experience, with notes of peanuts and nutmeg combined to provide a truly great Italian espresso.


Decaffeinated Espresso

With hints of roasted cereals and barrique, Dek contains a fine selection of the best Brazilian Arabica coffees skillfully blended with natural Robusta. The aromatic profile of these coffees is carefully preserved during the natural decaffeination process, which respects the true nature of the beans and maintains the strength and aromatic richness of the blend.

Retail Blends

Qualita Rossa 

The famous Qualità Rossa is Lavazza iconic blend and it has been the best selling coffee beans in the UK and Ireland for decades, and the stable coffee in many households. It is a traditional Italian blend, with full body and intense taste profile, bring you an aromatic, smooth, well-rounded flavour. A versatile coffee, great with or without milk.

Crema e Aroma Brown

Crema e Aroma Brown is another really popular blend, which has been a great seller in retail shops across several continents. A well-balanced medium roast blend gives intense, earthy and aromatic flavours and delivers a consistent long-lasting crema. Coffee drinkers love this blend for its smooth, mellow, and aromatic notes, this blend is ideal as a base for pure espresso pleasure and all coffee-milk specialities.

Best beans for Bean to Cup machines

We do not recommend dark roast beans which are just too oily for bean to cup machine, as the oil tends to clog the machine’s grinder and brewing unit, damage the machine also won’t provide a pleasant-tasting cup of coffee. A medium roast with a mixture of Arabica and Robusta would be your best choice. Here are our recommended best espresso beans for bean to cup machines.

Recommend – Super Crema / Gran Espresso / Tierra Sel / Gran Riserva

Best beans for espresso coffee Machines

The professional espresso machine can give the espresso a unique taste and aroma owing to its special extraction process. And nearly all coffee beans are suitable for at home barista machines, and what determines the tastes and quality of the coffee prepared by an espresso machine is the grind size, tamping and just a lot of practice. 

Recommend – Qualita Rossa / Alteco / Crema e Aroma / Crema e Aroma Brown

Unsure? Just ask.

The CoffeeClick team were all coffee lover first. If you have any questions, aren’t sure what to order, or would just like a different opinion on any of the beans available just get in touch, we love to hear from our customers, email us at

June | 2020


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