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Single Origin Beans from the heart of the Ethiopian forest

Single-origin Arabica, handpicked with care, the luxury of a unique sensorial experience

From the heart of the Ethiopian forest, Kafa is a rare and exceptional coffee blend. Derived from the first coffee plants upon which all others have originated; The secret of how to preserve these valuable plants and harvest their delicate fruits has been handed down from generation to generation. The harvesting of this plant is uniquely carried out by hand with careful selection at the ideal ripening point. The drying of these beans is done naturally in the sun.

  • Composition: 100% Single Origin Arabica Beans
  • Origin: Kafa coffee grows in the region of the same name, in the heart of the Ethiopian rain-forest where Arabica coffee had its origins. The Kafa region rainforest biosphere reserve is where coffee grows spontaneously with minimal intervention from the region’s inhabitants. Over the centuries, around 5000 varieties of coffee have grown spontaneously in this region.
  • Award: Kafa has been acknowledged as a biospherreserve” by Unesco, becoming part of the world’s heritage.
  • ProductKafa is a small region where coffee productivity per hectare is very low. The traditional methods of cultivation further restrict the availability of this coffee.
  • Roast: A gentle roasting process with the traditional drum system, ensures uniformity in the roasting, coffee beans are enveloped by hot air and roasted gently to preserve all the aromas. The slow roasting process of Kafa preserves the sensory qualities of the coffee; this is the secret of its perfectly balanced aroma, taste, and body.
  • Tasting Notes:  Intense floral bouquet with the aftertaste of honey, dates and ripe cherries


Kafa, authenticity in its pure state, the essence of substance, one of the most valuable coffees in the world


Kafa is an exclusive coffee of limited production, a wonderful opportunity to offer those looking for something unusual or special


Kafa is intense, lingering, rich – the real connoisseur’s coffee


The slow roasting of Kafa preserves the sensory qualities of the coffee and is the secret to its perfect balance of aroma, taste and body


Sustainability is the Core of Lavazza’s Success Story

Lavazza has always been the leader on the path to sustainable growth in the coffee industry, paid careful attention to the economic, human, environmental, and cultural heritage of the countries in which we work. Over the years, this has translated into concrete action in promoting and implementing economic, social, and environmentally sustainable projects, to support coffee-producing communities around the world and their communities.

The objective of Lavazza is to create a continuous cycle in which product and process innovation, qualitative excellence, and sustainability feed each other. CoffeeClick is proud to be Lavazza’s official reseller in Ireland; we source the most sustainable coffee from the best producer, so you can taste the best coffee in the comfort of your home.


July, 2020


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