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How to get the most from your Nespresso compostable capsules

Lavazza Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Lavazza has introduced a range of ECO CAPS, which is compatible with Nespresso Original Coffee Machines. These ECO CAPS are 100% compostable after 6 months, which are better for the environment than aluminium capsules.

Lavazza has the state of the art technology and designed the capsule to be compatible with all Nespresso Original Machines, including with the same loading chamber as well as same coffee extraction.


Getting the most out of your Nespresso Compostable Capsules

When creating a perfect cup of coffee with a capsule machine, there are a number of variables that without maintenance, can cause issues that could change how your coffee is extracted and even how it tastes.

Here at CoffeeClick, we have compiled a list of how to get the most out of your Nespresso 100% compostable compatible capsules from Lavazza to answer any possible queries you might have.

Having issues with coffee extraction, taste, or even how our Nespresso compatible capsules are fitting in your machine? Here are some general notes on how to prevent this:

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Naturally, your coffee machine has a lot to do with the extraction of your coffee, so keeping your machine in the best condition possible can solve most of your potential issues.

When your coffee is being extracted, an oily residue is left in the capsule chamber where the capsule is being pierced. If you do not remove your capsule from the brewing chamber after each extraction and clean this area regularly, this oily residue will build up and can block the nozzle, leading to poor water flow, or even leakages. This can result in issues with extraction that can lead to poor cups of coffee. In addition to this, you could also get a build-up of bacteria or mould on the washer plate and the inside nozzle, the areas where your coffee gets brewed and dispensed into your cup.
Because of the amount of residue that could potentially build-up, this can also cause issues with how your capsules are fitting in your machine. This is an issue that cannot be resolved by simply running water through the machine.

To clean your brewing chamber you will need to use a cleaning capsule in your machine to ensure all this built up product is thoroughly removed.


Along with cleaning your brewing chamber, another key component to keeping your machine in good shape is to descale your machine on a consistent basis. This would ideally need to be done every other month for the best results.

Hard water can cause scale, as well as scumming which can lead to a build-up in deposits of calcium and lime in your coffee machine. As a result; this build-up can affect your water pressure and lead to issues with extraction and taste. Using a mix of descaling liquid and water in your water tank and running this through your machine works on the pump and pipes of your coffee machine for optimal cleanliness. Lavazza descaler is specially made formula to descale your capsule coffee machine, please follow manufacture’s instruction.

These two cleaning methods work together to tackle most potential issues with extraction and therefore taste.

Pre-heating your machine

Before putting a new capsule in your machine, try running some water through it first (ensuring there’s no old capsule in the chamber) with the lid down. This will help flush out residue as well as heat up the capsule contact points.

Warming the machine components properly enables easier pod piercing (our compostable capsules are slightly harder to pierce than thin Nespresso aluminium) meaning a smoother pour, more coffee in your cup and your coffee tastes as great!

Programming your machine to your taste

Depends on the model of Nespresso machine, but most of the machine comes pre-programmed to dispense a certain amount of water depending on whether you opt for a ristretto (30ml), an espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml). This coffee to water ratio is key to how your coffee tastes. As everyone’s preferences are different, you may want to re-calibrate your machine to your own taste. To do this, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Place a cup under your machine.
  2. Insert your favourite capsule.
  3. Press, and hold, the brew button (ristretto, espresso or lungo).
  4. Let go of the brew button when your preferred amount of liquid has been produced.

Once you have done this, your machine will save these settings for next time. You may need to experiment with this until you have achieved your desired taste from your coffee.

If you follow this guide of how to get the most from your 100% compostable Nespresso compatible capsules, you will be on your way to some great cups of coffee!

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*Nespresso® Original and Nespresso® Vertuo are trademarks of a third party without any link with Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.


July | 2020


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