Lavazza Affogato Recipe

Deliciously good Making an Affogato is easy. But making a seriously good one takes little more and gives much more. Ingredients 15g of iTierra! Amazonia coffee 100g of brewed water Your favourite ice cream or gelato Preparation Add the coffee to the filter basket of the Moka pot, tap to settle but don’t tamp (press). Add 100g of hot filtered water to […]

9 Reasons why drinking coffee is good for you!

9 Reasons why drinking coffee is good for you! Coffee is a go-to drink in the morning that gets most peoples day started. The caffeine perks you up, and there’s something incredibly soothing about drinking your cup of coffee. At one point you probably thought to yourself, is drinking coffee good for you? Good news! […]

Lavazza’s decaffeination process

Decaf coffee is great for when you’re craving coffee late in the day but don’t want the caffeine kick. Find out below how Lavazza decaffeinates its coffee while maintaining it’s great tasting flavour. The decaffeination process Decaffeinated coffee is obtained by extracting caffeine from the bean while it is still green, and subsequently treating it […]

5 Benefits of drinking coffee before a run

Ever wondered if you should drink coffee before a run? or what are the benefits of having coffee before a run? Well look no further as we have listed off 5 benefits of drinking coffee before a run! 5 benefits of drinking coffee before a run 1. Improved state of mind & mental alertness. Coffee […]

How to get the most from your Nespresso compostable capsules

Lavazza Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules Lavazza has introduced a range of ECO CAPS, which is compatible with Nespresso Original Coffee Machines. These ECO CAPS are 100% compostable after 6 months, which are better for the environment than aluminium capsules. Lavazza has the state of the art technology and designed the capsule to be compatible with […]

The Guide to Grinding Coffee Beans at Home

If you’ve tried to brew your own coffee at home during the lockdown, there’s a good chance it could have been better. Armed with a little knowledge and the right tools, you’ll soon be brewing coffee to rival an experienced barista. One of the biggest pitfalls, underestimated or overlooked by many, of grinding and brewing […]

Single Origin Beans from the heart of the Ethiopian forest

Single-origin Arabica, handpicked with care, the luxury of a unique sensorial experience From the heart of the Ethiopian forest, Kafa is a rare and exceptional coffee blend. Derived from the first coffee plants upon which all others have originated; The secret of how to preserve these valuable plants and harvest their delicate fruits has been […]

Lavazza Coffee Beans Buying Guide

Searching for your favourite coffee isn’t always straight forward. Some of the factors we take into account are subjective, such as taste. Coffee drinkers also have different priorities. Some will purely focus on the taste while others might also be concerned about the environmental impact the production of their favourite coffee has. While Lavazza markets […]

Why are coffee capsules becoming so popular?


There was a time when coffee capsules were seen as a trade-off. You sacrificed the quality of the coffee in exchange for convenience. However, this perception is rapidly changing. Coffee capsules now allow even a complete novice to produce a decent espresso. Add the ability to froth milk and you can suddenly produce numerous gourmet […]

Enjoy your favourite coffee on the go

Your Coffee journey is about to get even better with the Lavazza MilkEasy frother and Bodum Joy Cup. Enjoy your favourite coffee on the go with the ultimate home barista combo. For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE Bodum Joy Cup with every Lavazza Milk Easy Purchase. (offer valid till 31st of […]