Plant-Based Milk for Home Coffee Making

  Nowadays, you don’t have to be dairy-free to enjoy the wide selection of alternatives available. Plant-based milk has become increasingly popular with Irish consumers, and the appeal has gone beyond dietary preference and lactose intolerance. Some people want to experiment with different flavours or textures, some people are looking for specific nutrients from the […]

The Ultimate Home Brewing Guide

Many of us are spending far more time at home than usual. However, this doesn’t have to mean we miss out on our favourite beverage. With mail order being the only lifeline available to many of us, we let you know how to make the most of your home coffee brewing experience. Below are the […]

Decaling/care for your A Modo Mio machine

There is nothing better than being able to make your favourite coffee any time you like in your own home. Once you have invested your hard-earned money into a quality machine and all the accessories you could ever want, it’s important to make sure they stay in good condition so they can keep delivering every […]

What’s the best way to make an espresso coffee?

An espresso coffee is a strong shot of pure coffee, usually served as a single or a double. The measurements are always small due to the strong flavour. A good espresso is also rich and thick. It’s hard to be specific about the exact taste of an espresso coffee, as the type and origin of […]

Compatible Coffee Pods for Your Nespresso Machine

Lavazza compatible coffee pods are a great alternative to use with your Nespresso machine. However, using compatible coffee pods raises questions. Why would you want to use compatible coffee pods? Will they be as good as the original pods? Are they cheaper than the original pods? Are they compostable? Are there as many flavours available? […]

Guilt free deliciousness with coffee pod recycling

At CoffeeClick, we have seen the number of people gaining an appreciation for great coffee steadily growing. However, people are now more aware than ever of environmental issues, especially surrounding recycling. Some single-use coffee pods have been getting some bad publicity, mainly because the aluminium pods are estimated to take between 150 and 500-years to […]

Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine Recipes

Elegant and modern, new Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine features an intuitive touch interface and a refined glass mug. Enjoying your favourite recipes has never been so easy. Explore a range of coffee drinks with the four pre-dosed coffee options and five milk options from cappuccinos to lattes, Deséa also comes with temperature boost and frothing […]

2020’s Best Coffee Machine and Key Coffee Trends

Single-serve coffee solutions (coffee pods and capsules) have witnessed a significant rise in sales since 2016. The market growth for fresh ground coffee pods is mainly contributed to the ease of use of these products, premium quality coffee, and the wide variety of flavours available. The increasing popularity of the capsule coffee machine means there […]

The New Lavazza’s 100% Compostable Coffee Capsules Blends Guide

Enjoy all the great taste of Lavazza coffee in compostable capsules, the new ECO CAPS will consist of 2 ranges: Lavazza A Modo Mio 100% compostable capsules range (7 blends available from November 2019) and Nespresso 100% Compatible and 100% Compostable capsules (4 blends available from September 2019, and this range will expand in 2020). […]

Is the Jolie the best Lavazza capsule coffee machine for you?

Lavazza has become a household name around the world these days, do you know they currently account for around half of Italy’s coffee consumption, and it is the No.1 Coffee Brand in the Roast and Ground Coffee Sector in Ireland? At nearly 125-years old, the Lavazza brand is legendary among coffee lovers all over the […]