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Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine Review


Lavazza Deséa is a game-changer coffee capsule machine. Launched by Lavazza in summer 2019, this machine has a revolutionary “One Touch Cappuccino” technology, allowing you to make all kinds of coffee drinks at the touch of a button.

If you want a coffee capsule machine that’s super easy to use, and delivers a large selection of coffee drinks consistently, then the Lavazza Deséa is a great choice for a multitude of reasons. It is the perfect machine for the kitchen at home or for use in a small office space. Discover Deséa now

Design & Build

Lavazza has done a superb job with the Deséa design with a stylish look that combines both a retro and modern feel at the same time, Deséa won the World Design Guide award in 2019, for its outstanding exterior and functional design.

Lavazza Deséa is a user-friendly coffee machine designed to offer the complete package of Italian coffee culture: from petite espresso to an authentic cappuccino or latte. Deséa’s touch interface arranges the selections in two groups – one for coffee, and one for milk.

Any necessary warning light is indicated with icons in the centre. The machine comes with a dedicated Lavazza glass mug, and you also have the option to buy spare Lavazza Mugs. Much effort went into developing a shared platform for the machine, applying Lavazza’s form language (with controlled surfacing0, refined detailing and special attention to colours, materials, and finishes.

Deséa is available in three colours – white cream, brown walnut and black, perfect to fit with your décor.

Deséa is very slim and deep. It’s just 145mm wide so the compact design help it fit into your kitchen and small spaces.

The cylindrical water tank sits at the bank and is easy to remove to refill it. The chrome lever handle is made with quality material, making it sturdy and satisfying to use.

The adjustable stainless steel drip tray comes in handy when you are making espresso with a smaller cup. The used capsule drawer is dishwasher safe and you’ll be alerted to it being full when the pod symbol lights up.

Control Panel

Lavazza Deséa features a touch button interface and a clearly illustrated control panel. The left panel illuminating when the milk frother attachment isn’t inserted. For beverages only requiring water for extraction: Espresso 30ml, Long Espresso 45ml, Long Coffee 60ml and Free Dose – the easiest option to facilitate an Americano sized beverage.

The right-side panel offers one-touch milk-based creations, illustrated to mirror the milk level graphics on the glass mug: Cappuccino, Large Cappuccino, Latte and a function for exclusive milk frothing (works well with powdered hot chocolates!). Note that it’s also possible to program the size/length of the coffees if they’re not quite to your taste by default, by simply pressing and holding the coffee button you would like to change and release the finger whenever the coffee dispensed to the desired amount.

The default extraction temperature is perfect and instantly drinkable. However, you do have the option of the temperature boost and froth boost if you prefer something even frothier.

One-Touch Barista

One of the stark differences the Lavazza Deséa highlights over the past ‘A Modo Mio’ coffee machine design is in how the experience is now fully automated. Our previous capsule machines all required milk to be separately frothed and poured into the espresso, but the Deséa offers “One-Touch Cappuccino” technology. Pop a coffee pod in, fill the glass mug with milk to the marked level for the desired drink and press a button – Presto!… Your favourite drink is done. It matches the convenience of the Tassimo system and yet offers the ability to use any milk of your choice, whether it is cow’s milk or plant-based milk, comparing with powdered milk which Tassimo has, it is far healthier and cheaper, and the quality and extraction of the coffee are far superior to Tassimo. (*the frothing result may vary from different brands and types of milk used, the protein content in the milk is the main factor on the amount of foam produced)

Classic Lavazza Glass Mug

Each Deséa machine comes with an iconic Lavazza glass mug, which is lovely to hold and pleasurable to sip from. Just one of these rather large mugs is included with the machine, so you may want to purchase additional mugs for a household as it’s a priority fixture for milk-based creations due to the unique frother design.

Deséa – the best capsule machine on the Market!

If you want a capsule coffee machine that does a lot more than just make one type of coffee then we definitely recommend the Lavazza Deséa. It looks great and offers premium build quality, and you will be impressed by the consistency of the drinks. The simplicity of an all-in-one coffee & milk operation is a time-saving joy first thing in the morning.

RRP at €229, it is not the cheapest around but does more of the work for you compared to the Nespresso Expert and Milk at a lower price.

At CoffeeClick, we are a collection of coffee enthusiasts, who treasure all things coffee and we believe the time for a bad of cup coffee at home is behind us. Therefore, we are working hard on sourcing a range of premium products around the world, and we don’t just deliver goods, we deliver an ultimate coffee experience.

Shop for the Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine and a range of A Modo Mio Coffee Capsules now.


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