Modern Slavery


Business Overview

CoffeeClick is a medium-sized business that has experienced solid growth over the last five years. Our business is based in Ireland, with a head office in Dublin. 

We are a coffee machine, coffee drinks, tea and hot chocolate business. We also sell confectionery, ceramics and equipment. We specialize  in Lavazza coffee and coffee machines for home and office use. 

Our direct supply base is mainly located in the Italy, although we do also purchase ceramics and equipment from Ireland. Our indirect supply base is more diverse, with ingredients being sourced from worldwide origins, including Ethiopia, Brazil, Asia, Central America, Africa and Indonesia.

Risk Assessment

Modern slavery is a complicated worldwide issue and is often hidden and/or difficult to detect.

As a company involved in the procurement of raw ingredients globally, including from the developing world, we recognise that this represents a challenge. The focus of our activity is the detection and prevention of modern slavery in our supply chain through an ongoing process of risk assessment.


The CEO retains ultimate responsibility for ensuring that we monitor human rights risks and takes mitigating action.

The measures we already have in place to protect food safety and integrity overlap with modern slavery.

To date, we have not identified any examples of modern slavery, human trafficking or any other human rights abuses in our supply chain, or in connection with our retail operations.

We will adopt a robust due diligence approach to ensure all new suppliers hold similar values to CoffeeClick.