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Dynametric Coffee Tamper

Dynametric Coffee Tamper

Dynamometric Pressurized tamper – when you need consistent pressure applied – each time. This coffee tamper has an adjustable tamping pressure range from a minimum to a maximum of 15kg to 21kg. Calibrate the tamping pressure and level tamping results in a perfectly flat horizontal surface for even and consistent extractions.

Why a Dynamometric Pressurized Tamper? Since the same pressure is applied, this will remove the inconsistencies associated with numerous members of staff applying varying rates of pressure to ground coffee. The tamper can be adjusted by turning the handle clockwise or anticlockwise to decrease/increase the pressure. Turning the handle clockwise will tighten the spring and reduce the pressure required.


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• It eliminates inconsistencies in tamping with different baristas -1 pressure is applied for all tamping. • 64mm wide base fits on top of the basket for level tamping. – No more skewed or unlevel tamping!

• Adjustable tamping pressure range from a minimum to a maximum of 15kg to 21kg.

• Calibrated lines to indicate the pressure adjustment – 5 lines = 15kg No Ilne = 21kg.

• 9.5mm deep base for the right angle and even tamping.


• Tamping face: Flat

• Base Material: Stainless Steel • Base Diameter: 53mm 57mm or 58mm

• Handle Material: Apodised aluminum

• Height:100mm

• Weight:400g

• Made in Milan, Italy – by one of Italy’s top tamper makers.


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