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Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg

Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg

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The new Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg coffee machine is an iconic coffee machine with an unmistakable modern design, for those that love the taste of authentic Italian espresso. Its unique design and advanced technologies combined with the excellence and tradition of the world of espresso.

All our coffee machines come with a 3 pin plug.




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Lavazza A Modo Mio SMEG: a coffee capsule machine with an ICONIC design; the ideal coffee machine for lovers of authentic Italian espresso. This sleek design and state-of-the-art technologies combined bring you excellent espresso with a single touch. The excellence and tradition of the world of espresso are at your fingertips with SMEG.


Main Features

  • 2 Programmable Coffee Dose buttons:

Espresso: 30 cc

Long Espresso: 60 cc

  • 3 Alarms:

Empty Water Tank

Full Capsule Drawer


  • Water Tank:

0,9 l – Transparent

Min/Max Level Indicated

  • Wasted Capsule Container:

Up to 6 caps

Product Video

Technical Features

Works with Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules

Ejection of used capsules

Illuminated Button

3 Alarms:
Empty Water Tank
Full Capsule Drawer

Coffee brewing
2 Programmable Coffee Dose buttons:
Espresso: 30ml
Long Espresso: 60ml

Used capsules container capacity
max 6 capsules

Water Tank
0,9 l
Min/Max Level Indicated

Adjustable height of drip tray grid
2 (S/L)

Drip tray grid material
Stainless Steel


Machine Ready Time
<30 sec

Yes, two temperature settings, and temperature boost function

Auto Power Off
9 mins

Chromed Lever

Pump pressure
10 bar

220-240V / 50/60Hz

Power consumption:
1250 W

Cable’s length
80 cm

Cup Rack Material
Chromed Metal

Dimensions (lxhxw)
15.7x29x36.6 cm

Weight (kg)
4.25 Kg

Removable components that are dishwasher proof
water tank (no lid)
used capsule container
cup supporting grid
drop collecting drawer

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Lavazza Coffee Machine Care

Taking care of Lavazza A Modo Mio capsule machine is easy, you will need to conduct regular cleaning, such as empty and clean water tank, empty and rinse the capsule drawer (for most of the Lavazza coffee machine models, any removable parts are dishwasher safe).

Also, periodic descaling of your coffee machine is essential to lengthen the life of your A Modo Mio coffee machine, and also ensure the coffee always taste fresh.

Lavazza recommends use Lavazza Descaler and follow the manufacture instruction (step by step cleaning and descaling video can be found in the Product Video section above). Repeat the treatment every three months, ideally, but it depends on your local water hardness as well as the usage. For the machines which come with build-in descale warning light, then descale is required when the warning light is flashing.

Additional information


Black, Cream, Red


8000070042919, 8000070042766, 8000070042834

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