Looking after your Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine

There is nothing better than being able to make your favourite coffee any time you like in your own home. Once you have invested your hard-earned money into a quality machine and all the accessories you could ever want, it’s important to make sure they stay in good condition so they can keep delivering every […]

What’s the best way to make an espresso coffee?

An espresso coffee is a strong shot of pure coffee, usually served as a single or a double. The measurements are always small due to the strong flavour. A good espresso is also rich and thick. It’s hard to be specific about the exact taste of an espresso coffee, as the type and origin of […]

Guilt free deliciousness with coffee pod recycling

  At CoffeeClick, we have seen the number of people gaining an appreciation for great coffee steadily growing. However, people are now more aware than ever of environmental issues, especially surrounding recycling. Some single-use coffee pods have been getting some bad publicity, mainly because the aluminium pods are estimated to take between 150 and 500-years […]

Could Coffee Be The Solution To Losing Those Extra Pounds?

A recent study conducted by the University of Nottingham has found that coffee can help with weight loss. Experts say drinking a cup of joe stimulates “brown fat”, a fat which generates heat within the body when you are cold and burns through calories in the process. “This is the first study in humans to […]

Could Caffeine Help You Run Better? 

Could Caffeine Help You Run Better?       As the weather is getting warmer and the day is getting longer, we can definitely see more runners outdoor now. Many runners love their coffee so much that a steaming cup first thing in the morning has probably become a can’t-break-it habit. But is it coffee […]

What are the most popular types of coffee beans, and why?

What are the most popular types of coffee beans, and why?   With all the different geographical locations, roasting methods, and blends making it seem like there is an endless variety of coffees available, you might be surprised to discover only two types of coffee beans are heavily used for modern coffee production. Other types […]